Our Story

Driving through the Colorado mountains on a sunny March afternoon, in came the hit of intuition - To create a brand so impactful that all who come across it would be empowered to own the truth of who they are, trust the all-knowing guidance of their soul, and lead with love in all they do.

Six months, 25+ name changes, and so much learning, growth, and up leveling later - The Aligned Brand was born.

We know what it feels like to live life according to everyone else’s expectations, standards, and rules. But after much personal growth, spiritual awakening, and ALIGNMENT - we also know what it feels like to live life according to your OWN. Life in alignment is your birthright and it is our divine calling to share this gift with you!

The Aligned Brand is on a mission to share the #LiveAligned movement with the world and be a constant reminder of the empowerment, beauty, bliss, and freedom that comes from living life in alignment.

As we raise awareness among the conscious collective, we will forever feel called to give back by donating part of our proceeds to nonprofits and charities who continue to make the world a better place.